Jesus went into the temple courtyard and threw out everyone who was buying and selling there. He overturned the moneychangers' tables? (Matthew 21:12)

Practically every major religion and philosophy in the world warns us of the dangers of lending and borrowing. Yet, the world is increasingly putting on blinders and ignoring what we don't want to see or hear. To those of you who want to build a success business and/or a successful, enjoyable life; I hope I have provided you with the starting point of how to achieve that. Not only will you be able to provide yourself security, but also to so many others around you.

Recommended Reading

I highly recommend that you purchase and read, The Total Money Makeover, by Dave Ramsey. He expands on the principles here, goes into a discussion of saving for college, and includes examples of all the worksheets and tools you will be using in putting together your "set me free" plan.

The complete Educate Yourself Courses Include:

  • Basic Business Concepts
  • Choosing a Legal Format
  • Basic Business Accounting
  • Basic Marketing Strategies
  • Off-Line Marketing Concepts
  • On-Line Marketing Concepts
  • Time Management Concepts
  • Money Management Concepts - Part One
  • Money Managmeent Concepts - Part Two