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Need a Guest for Your Podcast?

If you would like to let your listeners know more about how to structure their small business for optimum profitability, and all I have to offer your listeners,  here are the links to get all of the information you need:

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Guest Appearance Podcasts

Saturday Java with Jason

Jason and I have a conversation about the things you need to know if you are just starting your first business and the traps you need to avoid.   Coming in August '24

Transform Your Future Podcast

Eddie and I had a far-reaching conversation from the problems with W2 employment expenses, legal business formations and tax consequences to the lack of business education.  Coming Soon!

Inspired Stewardship

Scott and I got to discuss my life journey from both a business point of view, my spiritual point of view and what the rest of my life will look like.  This is one of my favorites.  Check it Out!

Brain Work Frame Work

Chris Troka and I explore topics like legal formats, selecting the right accountant, maximizing tax benefits, paperwork organization, estimated tax payments, and the role of foundational business education in unlocking future opportunities. Listen Here

Play Big Faster Podcast

In this episode Scherrie and I discuss the nuggets of information which every small business owner needs to know to help reduce their tax liability and build a proper foundation. Coming Soon!