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How Do I Start the Process of Creating a Custom Website?

There is certain information that all website designers need before beginning on a project.  We have created a simple way for you to begin that process.  Just fill out our on-line Website Questionaire and submit it.   We will review it within 48 hours and contact you with some initial ideas and additional questions so you can determine if you feel comfortable working with us.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Custom Website Designed?

Today, there are a lot of software programs that can be used to create a website.  Some even come free with a hosting account.  With a custom website, you should be paying for the designer/programmers to get to know your business well enough to help you write content that search engines like, produce a navigation system that is easy to find your way around, and visually appealing enough to match the current standards of design.  While we are not the cheapest around, we are not nearly the most expensive either.  It depends on the type of site you want: whether you want an ecommerce site, whether you want a lot of audio-video, or whether you want to educate your clients to show them you are the expert they are looking for.  We try to design the cost and website to fit your business and monitary constraints.

How Do You Invoice for Building a Website?

We don't believe that people should be forced to pay for a product that they don't like.  That is why (like the construction industry) we divide our payments into stages in the development of a website.  We generally use four stages and charge 25% of the total price at the beginning of each stage.  If, at anytime during the development process, you decide you are not happy working with us - you may cancel the remainder of the contract. 

What if I Want to Move My Web Account to a Different Company?

Well, we would be sad to see you leave, but we believe what you pay for is yours.  At the end of the development contract, we provide our clients with all the usernames and passwords to their website accounts.  If they do decide to make a change, they alway have everything they need for a new developer to take over.

Creating Income Questions

Creating Income Questions & Answers

Income FAQ

How can I found out more about CDM?

If you live in the Tampabay area, we can meet over a cup of coffee. If you live anywhere else on the North American continent, we have a complete interactive webcast to give you more information. Just click on Contact Us and let us know.

Educate Yourself Questions & Answers

Educate Yourself Answers & Questions

Educate FAQ

Why Did You Write The Foundation Business Courses?

The Foundation Business Courses were built to help those first time entrepreneurs from making costly mistakes.  Most of the business materials you see published today concern the basics of business and marketing.  Most leave something out entirely.  Concerning the old saying of Benjamin Franklin's, "Nothing is certain but death and taxes" - people forget that is also true of businesses. 

So these course is written from the tax man's point of view.  We tie the basic business, marketing, and financial training into how it affects you at tax time and why that is important. 

How Often Do Your Post New Business Articles?

We try to add two or three articles a week in our Business, Sale & Marketing, or Web Design sections.  If you would like to be informed when new articles are posted, just register at our site and you will automatically receive our Weekly Update with a synopsis of what's new that week.

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