Thoughts From the President

Okay, this is a shameless promotion to try and convince you to head on over and take a look at the Prez's personal blog.  Nothing much about business, but being a history buff, he has some really interesting things to read - with a little humor built in.

Do You Use Lodging Broker Sites?

Services like Airbnb, HomeAway, FlipKey, and Vrbo offer consumers an alternative to the traditional hotel experience. In most cases, these companies act as brokers for private property owners, who offer lodging, homestays, or tourism experiences. Many travelers have utilized these services and had wonderful travel experiences. However, despite the best efforts to police the online sites, the potential for scams is real. Since an informed consumer is the best defense against fraud, here are a few things consumers should do when making reservations.

Returning to Conservatism

The term 'The New Right' is being thrown around a lot lately, but it really isn't new.  Rather, it is a return to the true definition of what a conservative is. I think one of the best definitions of conservatism was stated by Russell Kirk, known as the Father of American Conservatism.  He laid out the following 10 Principles:

Medicaid Waiver Payments Can Be Used To Claim Tax Credits

Medicaid waiver payments taxability clarification

Medicaid waiver payments are qualifying payments made by a state to a caregiver for providing home-based services to an eligible individual, such as a disabled spouse or elderly parent. In Notice 2014-7, the IRS compared Medicaid waiver payments to difficulty-of-care payments and found that they share similar characteristics. A difficulty-of-care payment is a type of foster care payment made when the state determines specialized care is needed because of the foster individual’s physical or mental handicap.

Communism the Chinese Way

Most of what we hear in the news about China lately concerns the tariff wars between them and the U.S. or the theft of intellectual property.  But what most people forget is that mainland China is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  And that communism's goal is to control every person on the planet.