The President's Personal Blog

Okay, this is a shameless promotion to try and convince you to head on over and take a look at the Prez's personal blog.  Nothing much about business, but being a history buff, he has some really interesting things to read - with a little humor built in.

The Scare Tactics of Tariffs

The of the main stories in the media currently is the tariff war between the United States and China and who pays the bill.  The truth is that the country exporting the products pays the tariffs, whether that be China, the EU, Turkey or anyone else when it arrives at a U.S. port. That's the way it works.  So if you want to deliver $1 million in export goods with a 25% tariff into this country, you pay $250,000 as a U.S. duty.

An End Run Around the Electoral College

There is one big fault in human nature that has shown there will always be those who crave power and will do anything to get it.  That power grab always ends up in some form of socialism or communism or dictatorship.  The founders of our country knew this.  That is why they wrote checks and balances into the Constitution of the United States, One in particular was the Electoral College that our founders embedded in Article II.  

The Subpoena Shell Game

I have recently heard a lot about the three Democratically controlled U.S. House of Representative committees issuing subpoenas.  The trouble is that they have not given themselves the legal standing to do that.  It is all part of their dog and pony show.

Is Buying Greenland a Crazy Idea?

Eyebrows were raised recently when President Trump suggested that the United States would be willing to purchase Greenland from the Kingdom of Denmark.  The reasoning behind this being that it would increase our national security - we already have an Air Force base at Thule, Greenland - and that it would take the financial burden off of Denmark which gives a huge annual stipend to the Greenland government.

Fake News: 500,000 Jobs Were Not Lost in 2018

Back toward the end of August, Marketwatch and Drudge came out with headlines that "U.S. created 500,000 fewer jobs since 2018 than previously reported, new figures show".  While this click-bait headline is great for getting people to read the article, it is quite misleading.  In fact, it is more fake news.

The real news is that the economy created 2.2 million jobs in 2018.  So how does that agree with the headline?  You have to understand how the statistics are collected.