Wellness as a Business

There are a lot of businesses that promote wellness products.  That is to be expected.  After all, wellness is now a trillion dollar industry and there is a lot of money to be by legitimate companies and shysters alike.

How do you choose the right one?  

First, look at the product mix.   A lot of direct selling companies try to get in on the gold by coming out with a revolutionary product based on a miracle cure of nature.  You've seen them.  Various berry drinks, super foods, magnets, bee products and the list goes on. They may be good products, but are they enough to base a long-term business on?

We took the time to cover each of the facets of wellness for a reason.  If you are going to be in the wellness business, does it not make sense to choose a company that addresses as many of the areas of wellness as possible?  Financial well-being is natural for all businesses.  Since it is the wellness field, you could also assume that physical well-being would be covered.  And if you have a good product mix, there is a good chance that some (or all) of your products are environmentally friendly.

The rest of the areas of wellness need to be addressed by the structure of the business that you have chosen and how you market it. For instance, if you have read our Foundation Business Course articles on marketing, one of the main premises is that teaching sells. So, to address intellectual well-being, the business you are looking at should have a marketing plan designed to constantly teach your customers and yourself.

Second, it would be advisable to choose a company that has been in the wellness business a long time -- before it became fashionable.  They have already worked out what it takes to succeed in this industry.  Statistics show that a direct marketing business starts to really take off when they reach the one billion dollars in sales a year mark.  While the most important thing is that product sales go up at a steady rate each year, this milestone tends to indicate that the business is here to stay (providing the business plan doesn't violate FTC standards).

If you are considering entering the wellness industry, we hope this discourse on the subject helps you in making your decision.  If you have more questions about this way of earning income or would just like to bounce some things off of us, just use the contact form and we'll be glad to help.