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You can create a website today in a large variety of ways.  You can design it yourself for free with the software provided when you purchase of a web hosting account.  There are companies that will build a simple one for you if you subscribe to their marketing services.  But if you don't have the time and want to stand out from the crowd - a custom designed website is the way to go.

There a lot of options for custom designed websites and a whole range of prices.  Do Your Homework!  To help you start that process, we have posted a lot of information on this site about web design.  And below we have posted a slideshow of some of the websites we have developed.  We hope both will help you decide if our design firm is the right fit for you.

A website create for a fitness trainer


This was the first site that our company built for a commercial client. Absolute Fitness was a site that was created for a personal fitness trainer. In addition to building the website, we also designed the logo for the company and wrote the content. Although the client did not hire us for monthly maintenance, other than a different theme and a few broken links, the site has remained almost the same to this day.


This website was created for an HVAC company.


HVAC firm Sun Air Services needed their first website. We worked with the client to create content, provide interactivity and theme the site to work with their logo. After providing monthly maintenance for the a couple of years, the client decided to handle it themselves. Other than some occasional text changes, the site stayed the same until just a few months ago when they gave the site a new look, along with a few broken links.


The website for Florida Indoor Air Quality


Florida Indoor Air Quality is a sister company to Sun Air Services.  Because both link to each other, we gave them a similar look, but themed them based on their individual logo colors.  This site contained a lot of content that we wrote about the industry and the bugs floating around your home. It was recently re-themed by another designer and unfortunately, a lot of the cool interactive features were lost in the transition.


The website for Kleanslate Professional Cleaning Services


The Website for Kleanslate Professional Cleaning Services has been optimized for SEO. It employs graphics, videos, and articles for the search engines to read. It gives potential clients items to watch, read and download, which keeps them on the site longer. The client did a lot of research about design features and wording he liked. The result shows what a close collaboration between client and designer can produce.


The Pillow Loft is an e-commerce website for a lady that was tired of the corporate world and decided to try something she enjoyed doing.


The Pillow Loft is an e-commerce website for a lady that was tired of the corporate world and decided to try something she enjoyed doing. Being the first time creating a business, we helped put a plan in place to advertise and sell her creations online. This included logos, graphics, order forms, Q&A,content, shipping and payment systems. We continue to support the site for content revisions and security updates.


This website was created for a RogerPearsonOnline.com


One of the favorite ways of self-espression today is done through blogging. RogerPearsonOnline is a personal blog site that contains anything the owner finds interesting. It contain a lot of content and just enough graphics to bring the whole design together. Whether you are interested in the hot topic of the day, some great business articles, or just a little humor - you will learn a lot at this site.


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