Our Web Design Philosophy

At Seagull Technologies Web Design Services, we think a little differently than many design firms.  

Most visual designers and web developers look at a project something like this:

  1. What content need to go on the website?
  2. What visuals are available to use on the website?
  3. What type of website does it need to be (i.e. ecommerce)?
  4. Who will be managing the content on the site?
  5. Website architecture is done.
  6. Website design elements are done.
  7. Website functional testing is done.
  8. Website goes online.

And if you have chosen a good web designer, it will probably look like great website!  It may not be the right site for your business though.  We have met a lot of designers who are really whiz-kids when it comes to knowing all the latest software code and they can design some pretty amazing things.  But is that what your visitors really want to experience? Not very many.  It that going to improve the chances that people stay on your site?  For rock bands or the arts, maybe.  For most businesses? No.

We look at things a little differently.  With over 30 years of managing businesses before we started a web design firm, we believe the process needs to start with how the business functions.  So we built our process a little differently:

  1. We get to know your business.  What your products or services are. How you sell them. How you deliver them.  What your marketing plan currently is. What your aspirations are. 
  2. We discuss how a website would integrate into the rest of your marketing plan or by having a website the rest of your marketing would change.  It needs to be cohesive.
  3. We ask for you to provide a list of three websites currently online that you like and which parts of those websites stand out to you.  This may take some research, but it is vital to achieving your goals.  Sometimes, what works on another site may not work for your way of doing business.  This helps us discover if what you think you want aligns with what you need.
  4. As this point, we pick up at the point most web design firms start.  Designing the architecture, the visual effects, the content, the testing, leading up to going live.
  5. But our work does not stop there.  We want to make sure that your web does what you envisioned.  That is why we include three months of followup included in the price.  This is for any tweaks you want done after you have played with the site. This is to make sure that it is properly integrating into the rest of your marketing plan. 
  6. We want to limit your financial exposure when working with us.  After working in the construction industry for many years, we like the idea of target payments.  Our contracts are divided into four payments tied to one of four stages.  You may cancel the contract at the end of any stage and owe us nothing further.  We are more interested in making your marketing plan work than in making you pay for something you are not happy with.
  7. For those who don't have the time, we offer month-to-month maintenance programs that can be tailored  to provide anything from simple security updates to adding content.

Unlike most Web design firms, this is not our primary means of funding the company, so we can take the time to do things right.  This is why we have restricted ourselves to working with small businesses and only accept one or two new clients a year.  Maybe you could be one of them.  

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