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How can I found out more about CDM?

We have several ways that you can learn how Consumer Direct Marketing can improve your life.  In you live in the greater Tampa Bay Florida area, we could meet over coffee.  Although, with the busy lives most people have, more and more people are preferring to log into a computer conference room and listen to a short 20 minute video followed by a 10-15 minute Q&A session.  We can do these wherever you live in the United States or Canada. Just click on Contact Us and let us know.

What kind of products does your company represent?

We work with the largest wellness shopping club in America.  They produce over 450 USA manufactured all-natural products, including cleaning products, nutritional products, personal care products, mineral-based cosmetics, essential oils, coffees, teas and more.  It's like shopping at Amazon, but they control the quality of the products.  Or like buying Whole Foods quality products at Wal-mart prices.

Can you really make any money? I've been burned by MLMs before.

Yes you can.  We've been burned before also, so we vetted this company and used their products for seven years before representing them to other people.  Their Consumer Direct Marketing model produces solid monthly commissions.  Unlike MLMs, only 12% of the over 2 million members work the business part of the membership and with over 96% of our members shopping every month (that you earn commissions on) your monthly commission checks are solid.  In fact, we are the only company in the world that publishes every month exactly what all levels of business builders actually earn.  If the MLMs did that, nobody would join!

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Education FAQ

Why Did You Write The Foundation Business Courses?

The Foundation Business Courses were built to help those first time entrepreneurs from making costly mistakes.  Most of the business materials you see published today concern the basics of business and marketing.  Most leave something out entirely.  Concerning the old saying of Benjamin Franklin's, "Nothing is certain but death and taxes" - people forget that is also true of businesses. 

So these course is written from the tax man's point of view.  We tie the basic business, marketing, and financial training into how it affects you at tax time and why that is important. 

How Often Do Your Post New Business Articles?

We try to add two or three articles a week in our Business, Sale & Marketing, or Web Design sections.  If you would like to be informed when new articles are posted, just register at our site and you will automatically receive our Weekly Update with a synopsis of what's new that week.