In this course, we have demonstrated that because we now live in an Age of Information, we must change how we market our businesses, products and services. We must become marketers of information and use that to build solid relationships with people if we want to ensure our success.

We see this around us all the time and probably don't even realize it. Home Depot holds free clinics to teach people how to improve their houses. Financial planners hold free seminars to teach you how to invest your money (some even provide free meals). Start paying attention to who is giving away a free education on some topic and how they do it. It may be something that would work for you also.

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The complete Educate Yourself Courses Include:

  • Basic Business Concepts
  • Choosing a Legal Format
  • Basic Business¬†Accounting
  • Basic Marketing Strategies
  • Off-Line Marketing Concepts
  • On-Line Marketing Concepts
  • Time Management Concepts
  • Money Management Concepts - Part One
  • Money Managmeent Concepts - Part Two